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Concrete or plastic lids above the septics must be exposed. This does not mean inspection caps instead they will look like this.

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Common Problems

In my experience there 5 main causes for blocked septics.

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Most septic jobs are GST free but there may be other associated work that has a gst component to it.

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Andrew –       0402 254 124


Carmen –                  0428 503 913

After Hours –           040 225 4124

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Trade Waste/Grease Traps,Septic Tank Cleaning & Grey Water Treatment Services as well as Non destructive digging around services and stump removal

Local Liquid Septic Waste is a small family run company located in Port Lincoln South Australia.

Specialising in grey water and septic liquid waste it is run by Andrew and Carmen Foster.

Local Liquid’s aim is to provide septic tank cleaning and grey water treatment at a reasonable cost.  In the near future we hope to add grease trap and trade waste and help local business to comply with their trade waste obligations with as little fuss as possible.

Septics are a major part of living in a rural area and most need to be pumped at around 5 years depending on the size and load. For more information please see the Septic Tank menu.

Andrew previously worked for Veolia Environmental Services and learnt the tricks of the trade from the late Richard Franklin who owned West Coast Liquid Waste.  If you had your septic or grease trap cleaned between October 2009 and August 2014 he probably did it.

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Local Liquid is proud to announce they have won a 4 year contract to desludge over 1 thousand septics at Tumby Bay and Port Neill.

For Hire

Mounted Portaloo now available for hire with or without shower. Long and short term hire available. Great for worksites.

Recycle Systems

How often should your septic system be cleaned? Every 4 years according to the South Australian Health Regulations.

Regulation {unit maintenance page 13}

Warning "Flushable Wipes"


Quick warning, be very careful about using “flushable toilet wipes”. They are causing major problems.

Wipes Video

We need to stop flushing trash down the toilet.

Posted by ATTN: Video on Saturday, 31 December 2016
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Add your name and address and we will put you on an expressions of interest list. When we have several tanks in your area we will organise a trip at reduced costs.

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