Local Liquid are now doing trade waste & management.
We will be pushing this from August 1st. If you need a tank done before that please contact us and we will organise something

Some of the more common sizes of trade waste are:

400 litre:

About 1/2 of these are concrete.  These have a single steel lid over the top of a square tank with no baffle in the middle of the tank.

The other half are polly, usually green with a screw lid on top, and a filter under the lid.

400 lt polly grease trap



1000 litre:

Very similar to 1200 lt  and 1800lt below.


1200 litre:

These tanks are usually concrete with 2 gatic (heavy round sewer) lids.  There is a baffle in the middle of the tank with 2 holes about 75 mm in diameter about half way up the wall of the baffle.  There are some around where instead of the holes the baffle starts  below where the level of the water sits.  Some of  these may have steel flat lids instead of gatic lids.

1200 lt trade wate

1200 lt trade waste with 2 gatic lids

trade waste inlet

Inlet end of trade waste


24oo litre:

Probably the most common of the larger tanks.  Usually concrete with 3 gatic lids or flat steel lids.  Same baffle system as the 1000, 1200 and 1800 lt tanks.


2400 lt trade waste

2400 lt trade waste with 3 gatic lids

baffle wall

baffle wall in trade waste tank


3000 litre:

Not common, but they are usually made from poly, sometimes 2 x 1500 lt tanks joined.  Lots of places for fat to collect and hard to clean out.


5000 litre:

Things like supermarkets and some of the big hotel chains might have these.  They generally have 4 lids covering 3 sections with a baffle between each section

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