In my experience there are 5 main causes for blocked septics.

  1. Root growth in tanks {products that reduce root growth in septics can be purchased from many hardware stores}
  2. Toilet Wipes {claim they are septic safe but do not break down, they may invoke a surcharge in the future}
  3. Fat {fat tends to combine in large hard lumps and will often be the final cause for a septic with above problems to block}
  4. Hard crust {leaving the septic too long between cleanouts can cause the crust to go so hard that it finally blocks the inlet pipe}
  5. Full soakage pits. {sometimes if the septic has been left too long between cleans, sludge can flow from the tank and line the soakage pit, this lines the soakage pit and reduces water soaking away}.  Symptom is normally liquid coming out of the concrete lids on the tank.

To combat odours arising from your septic, give a product called Actizyme a go.  This has been recommended to help with odours.  We believe this is available at most hardware stores and some supermarkets.

Recommend to me to reduce odors coming from septic

Recommend to me to reduce odors coming from septic

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